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Finishing your designs


Gloss Lamination

It combines all of the practical protective qualities of lamination with a fabulous high gloss finish to give a really professional and show-stopping finish. For a really spectacular finish to achieve maximum impact consider gloss lamination. This adds a high silk sheen to the protective plastic laminate and really makes photographs and images sing out.

Soft Touch Lamination

Add a little luxury to your marketing correspondence with soft touch lamination. Tactile, it instantly conveys a sense of quality because it engages your sense of touch, creating a lasting impression which can really amplify your message.

Colours stay vibrant with soft touch lamination. It’s robust, isn’t prone to marking. The end result can create a real WOW factor and add even more impact to your literature.

Foil Blocking

If you’re searching for a really striking finish to accentuate typography and add impact to a cover design or brochure, then foil blocking could be the answer you have been looking for. Available in a wide range of colours, foil is fabulously reflective because, unlike metallic inks, it sits on top of the paper rather than being absorbed. Its lustrous finish is perfect for high-end products and premium service providers, and works beautifully when combined with effects and finishes such as embossing, soft touch and matt lamination to create really luxurious and tactile print.

Embossing or Debossing

The ultimate in tactile print. By raising or indenting parts of the page, both adds emphasis and dimension by creating shadows and highlights to accentuate the design or image. Best results are achieved with card stocks of 250 gsm – 300 gsm. Although you can emboss or deboss outside this range, we don’t recommend going lower than 200 gsm or higher than 350 gsm. Fabulous on its own, stunning when combined with other printing techniques such as foiling. This has the power to elevate the perceived quality and importance of the company, product or service it is promoting.

Spot UV Varnish

An easy way to add interest and draw attention to key design elements is use spot gloss UV varnish. By applying the gloss varnish to a selected area (typically a logo, a few key words or an image) before hardening it using UV light. Colours appear much brighter and more vivid as the varnish catches the light. As the smooth texture and sheen creates such a contrast against matt stock you can use it to create really striking patterns. Not surprisingly, spot gloss UV varnish is one of the most popular printing techniques available.

Binding your designs

perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a widely used soft cover book binding technique where pages and cover are glued together at the spine. The remaining sides are trimmed to give them clean edges or ‘perfect edges’. Ideal for thicker brochures and magazines, perfect binding is also a popular binding method for annual and corporate reports. PUR binding gives the same finish as perfect binding but uses stronger glue for a more robust and durable result. This suits publications with a higher page count.

Saddle Stiching

A hugely popular binding technique most commonly used for brochures, programmes, booklets, newsletters and pamphlets. Saddle stitching is more economical than perfect binding, but once you get past 64 – 80 pages (depending on the paper stock) the book becomes too bulky to fold properly and you lose the neat, flat, appearance. That’s when you need to switch to perfect binding. Typically, saddle stitched products will have two staples binding the pages together, but larger books may require more. d result less bulky for efficient storage.


Within our finishing set up we can cater for all your requirements from straight forward cut leaflet to a complete tab cut book.

We have the ability to laminate, cylinder, stitch and fold through the use of our vast array of equipment.

At Wincanton Print we ensure that all elements of our finishing department are kept to a high spec and that we keep production moving 24/7.

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