Cutter guides.
all you need to know.

What is a cutter guide?

A cutter guide is essentially a technical drawing of your packaging, folder, business cards or point of sale display stands. It is the structural framework into which your design is 

Are you looking for a folder that has the capacity to hold a variation of documents? Maybe to hold your business cards? This could hold all your businesses marketing material which you give to customers to make your business stand out. You need it to be perfect!

Like wise, you could be looking for a desk top holder to keep your leaflets or price lists in. These will need to be die cut. If the artwork is not set up correctly then when it comes to assembling your design they will not fit together properly. Even a few milimeters out and it could be useless.

If you are designing a job that will require die cutting there are some other considerations to take into account. Timescale and cost being the main two. A die takes time to produce and this will impact the timeframe of your job, dies can also be costly. To make our customers lives easier we have range of downloadable die cutter guides for a wide range of products including folders, cards, swing tags and many other items. By designing your artwork to fit with our existing cutter guides you will save both valuable time and money.

Using Our Cutter guides

Here you will find the link for our House Dies. Using the program that you create your artwork in place the Cutter Guide on a page within a picture box so that the complete Guide can be viewed as a whole. Place some “guides” leaving a border (say 10mm) within the edge of the guide, design your artwork. If an image is to bleed make sure it exceeds the limits of the guide by at least 3mm. Bear in mind that the flap(s) fold up or in and the image needs to be located so that the orientation is correct when viewing the final finished item. If in doubt print out and makeup then you will be sure everything is in the correct place.

The cutter guide is only needed on the “outer” image however if it is needed to create the “inner” it needs to be “flipped” to backup the outer. The final PDF can be made with the Cutter Guide in place as we will remove it or recolour it accordingly.


You might just have a packaging idea or would like to prototype a design, contacting us about your next project could save you time and money. If you require help remember we will help you every step of the way.